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Planetary Journeys

When in love . . .

The heart wishes to be full.

Love wishes to take her place.

Nothing better is what comes from loving hearts . . .

Love always shows her truth and power. In Planetary Journeys, Angela Herrick shares a diverse collection of verse that intimately explores all the realms of love.

In her reflections, Herrick encourages others to lift their imaginations and open their hearts to experiences that release feelings and explore new beginnings. Through creative interplay between mythical characters, Herrick links the planets of the universe with Earth while illustrating the power of love to overcome differences, barriers to happiness, and past hurts. While focusing on kindness, loyalty, and forgiveness, Herrick's poems prove that love is a gift that should never be taken for granted.

This book intertwines planetary and earthly journeys in a lyrical exploration of love and all that encompasses the greatest emotion of all.
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Angela Herrick