Beautiful Island

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When in Love

Beautiful Island

The universe has a beauty.
All of them can be used as a natural gift.
I like to choose the one precious part on Earth
That always has sun and beautiful orchards.

I wish to take you to a small island,
Where only there will be birds and fishes.
I wish only to be with you.
Sun will be our light.

This island has no electricity . . .
No food but trees . . .
No music but birds . . .
No people but nature’s beauty.

We will have much more and all.
We will enjoy spending time and be together.
We will talk to the next morning.
At night, we will make candles.
We will create our own paradise.

I wish to only be with you.
I wish we would get to know each other better.
I wish you would enjoy to be with me and
No one else on this island.

The beautiful nature wills our comfort.
The sweet air wills our peace.
We don’t need more than nature can offer.
I wish you would need me.

I want to know how much you want me.
I want to know that you can trust my company.

The sun will always be over our paradise.
If wind will come, we will come closer to each other.
If rain will pour, we will cover one another.
The nature will be our home.

If we can survive the island’s storm together,
We will never fear any other’s storm.

I wish to be with you in my dream island.
Only here can we be closer to each other more than ever.
I wish to know that no one can be closer than me.

I will know here how much you want me.
I will know here that no one else
You can trust more than me.
I was wishing to come in this island
To be with you and to have fun.
But not only that,
I have more important questions for you.
What my heart desires to know most, so wish it.

I will know this answer only after
We’ll survive all wild storms.

All wildness of nature we are able to survive.
Then we will have enough protections.
And we will have a good connection with each other.
However, I want to know only one answer,
for which I was inviting you
To come here in this beautiful but wild island.

I know I can find the answer only here.
I never was able to find anywhere in the whole world.

I won’t leave the island now before I will know.
Do you love me?

I came to this beautiful island for my answer,
not nature’s beauty only.
Only this island can prove to me.
Do you really feel what we call love?

I will stay in this island, which knows the answer.
I was ready to come here to find the answer I look for.

The sunlight is on me.
And I see your gleams and sparkles.
I see your shining eyes.
My heart now thrills.
I never was happier before like I’m now.
The island gives me a lovely answer.

The island fills with a sweet air.
And our hearts fill with sweetness.

I think we are ready to leave this beautiful island
that nature creates.
Believe that it was made for you and me.
  When in Love   

Love has power.
Love has high emotions.
Love has her intentions.
Love produced magnificent that
Never was produced before.
When in love . . .
High feeling created all greatness that
Was stirring your heart and
Lifted you from the ground.
You felt joy.
When in love . . .
Love shows her power
To make wondrous skills.
And loving power will surprise you.
How did you make it?
When in love . . .
No one is able to lift up without high feeling.
All sparkles will shine and be bright on you.
Love shows her power.
You will wish to fly.
When in love . . .
Someone wishes to produce a best music piece.
Someone wishes to paint a great picture of all.
Someone wishes to make any other great splendors
That always will be the best of all time.
When in love . . .
Genius is perfect love of the union of high spirits,
All talents the love would like to nourish
Into a high level with her power.
When in love . . .
Oh, what magnificence and
Glory from brilliant hearts comes.
Love is generously powerful.
All her masterpieces really
Were the best, her high moments.
When in love . . .
Love produced her fruits.
It has many talents and outstanding work or art pieces.
Love is very happy when harmonies of spirits are sweet.
And all masterpieces will be most happiest, her work.
When in love . . .
How high is your love?
How great will talent be
Without great love
No one can be greater.
All greatness will be.
When in love . . .
The heart wishes to be full.
Love wishes to take her place.
Nothing better is what comes from loving hearts.
Love searches your hearts.
You will feel her air.
When in love . . .
All music will be sweeter, as love was sweet.
Any works will be preciousness, as love was precious. The power
of love will always be the greatest.
When in love . . .
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